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"I guess all that comes to people who wait is love. I was so exhausted, I couldn’t even fathom what to do. Why can’t I let you go? I keep chiding myself and blaming myself, but I still can’t erase you. You’re the first person that I’ve ever wanted to give everything to” - A Werewolf Boy

This movie ripped my heart out. I can feel the emotions, the sadness, I can feel the ‘pure and simply love’ between Sooni and Cheol-Soo. I guess I’ll need a few more days to moving on from this movie. *shed my tears*

Just falling in love with these words <3

Alice who’s in wonderland

as if in a fairytale

this night when 2 galaxies weave through each other

stands a wayward youth

a melancholy so insignificant

he walked away.. at the speed of memories

A day that’s nothing else but clear and sunny

Someone’s walking in(to) my heart

There were moments when one hoped for more accidental coincidences

You — my sorrowful, my precious

You flew to me, by mistake.

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